Our transdisciplinary team develops tools that address challenges throughout the care delivery continuum, including patient-provider communication, workflow management, and outreach to vulnerable populations. A significant section of the healthcare workforce is involved in communication with patients and the public on a daily basis. However, patient-provider communication remains a point of care that is largely underserved by process innovations. Individuals with low functional health literacy or limited English proficiency, for example, are more likely than others to leave a clinic without adequate discharge instructions and are less likely to maintain continuity of care, leaving them at disproportionate risk for poor health outcomes. Communication challenges also exist in the exchange of patient data, adoption of clinical guidelines, and diffusion of best practices, rendering provider workflow less efficient and outreach efforts less effective. These and other operational limitations in clinical practice and health education are the root causes of many of the medical errors, unnecessary costs, and inadequate preventive care practices contributing to adverse health outcomes and persistent inefficiency in the healthcare system.

Our healthcare system must move swiftly to embrace bold, emergent, and effective approaches to improve its many less-than-efficient operational and care delivery processes. The LanguageMate team consists of clinicians, public health researchers, educators, linguists, and cultural anthropologists working closely with professionals in information technology, interactive design, multimedia production, and business management. Our mission is to support all stakeholders involved in health promotion and care delivery with solutions that facilitate community engagement, streamline provider and administrative workloads, and elevate the quality of patient care.

By delivering innovative solutions, LanguageMate helps patients and service providers transcend the barriers of health literacy, technology, language, culture, and geography that often preclude vulnerable communities from access to quality healthcare. Our information management and workflow optimization tools enable medical facilities and service agencies to streamline practice management and devote more attention to patient care. Our pioneering health outreach technology empowers patients by improving their access to pertinent health information and engaging them in care delivery and health education processes. Collectively, these tools attend to the communication needs of both providers and patients, utilize media and methods of dissemination that are accessible and familiar to end-users, and cover the spectrum of care from patients’ homes to physicians’ offices and care centers.

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