A Retrospective Analysis of the Cultural Competence of Chiropractic Students in a Public Health Course

Life Chiropractic College West, Published in Journal of Chiropractic Education
Kim B. Khauv, DC, MPH
Joel Alcantara, DC, Life Chiropractic College West
Published Date: 

Diverse communities require chiropractors to be culturally competent to serve diverse populations. The purpose of this analysis is to describe the effect on knowledge and confidence to serve diverse populations following 6 hours of cultural competency training.

The study concluded: "The knowledge of chiropractic students increased significantly following a course in cultural competence. Their confidence to serve diverse populations, however, did not change significantly. Further examination of the data revealed that baseline measures on confidence may be relatively high. Further study is required to determine the covariates of successful training in cultural competency."


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