Cultural Competence Training

Cultural Competence Training: Providing or gaining knowledge and improving skills to more effectively provide care to diverse populations.

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  • Assessment

    Evaluating cultural competence skills (pre- and post-training) and determining the need for cultural competence training in organizations. Evaluating the effectiveness of cultural competence training programs and curricula.

  • Continuing Education

    Requirements, curricula, and other training tools for teaching cultural competence in work settings or other non-degree educational situations.

  • Curricula Development

    Developing cultural competence training programs and courses of study in any setting.

  • Health Professions School Programs

    Requirements, curricula, and other training tools for use in medical, nursing, and other formal health professions degree programs.

Resident Physicians' Preparedness to Provide Cross-Cultural Care


This journal article presents on the results of a survey to assess residents’ attitudes about cross-cultural care, perceptions of their preparedness to deliver quality care to diverse patient populations, and educational experiences and educational climate regarding cross-cultural training.


Losing Culture on the Way to Competence: The Use and Misuse of Culture in Medical Education


The medical cultural competence movement was founded to address physician ignorance about the effects of culture and culture-specific beliefs on health and health care.

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